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Our company, which adopts the understanding of quality life as everyone’s right, raises living standards by combining modern comfort, safety and aesthetics in construction projects.


Marka Kent / Gebze


Marka Kent, one of the most prestigious housing projects of Gebze, draws attention with its superior location on the E-5 highway. The project, which is built in a central location, provides easy access by car and public transport, making it possible to access every point in the city. Consisting of 86 flats in total, Marka Kent offers diversity with 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and duplex options.

Among the features in the project are comfort and security elements such as private security, indoor car park, first class thermal insulation, natural gas combi boiler heating, lift, playgrounds, camellia and green areas and shelter. This modern life project aims to meet not only the housing needs but also to adopt a comfortable lifestyle.”

Marka Kent
Marka Kent
Marka Kent
Marka Kent
Marka Kent
Marka Kent
Marka Kent

Residential Projects

Çağdaş İnşaat has a leading position in the sector in producing modern housing projects with years of experience and experience. From past to present, our company has maintained its leadership in the construction sector and has realised many successful projects in a wide geography extending from Antalya to Gebze.

Each project reflects Çağdaş İnşaat’s aesthetic understanding, strong engineering infrastructure and quality-oriented approach. Our housing projects, which we design in accordance with modern living standards, offer our customers a high quality of life by integrating the principles of comfort, safety and sustainability. As Çağdaş İnşaat, we continue to move forward decisively to build the modern living spaces of the future.

Shopping Centres

Çağdaş İnşaat continues to break new ground in Shopping Centre projects with its innovative vision and dominance in the sector. With our innovative design approach, technology compatible solutions and strong engineering team, we aim to offer our customers not only shopping but also an unforgettable experience.

By combining aesthetics and functionality in each of our projects, we transform our shopping centres into not only commercial spaces but also social meeting points. As Çağdaş İnşaat, we continue on our way with the mission of building sustainable and user-friendly shopping centres in accordance with the requirements of modern life.

Office Buildings

Çağdaş İnşaat stands out with its unique design approach and excellence-oriented services in the field of office buildings. With our strong engineering infrastructure and in-depth knowledge of the sector, we combine the principles of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability in our office projects and offer high standards of workspaces to our customers.

Each of our office buildings is designed in accordance with the needs of the contemporary business world and includes innovative solutions that support modern working environments. As Çağdaş İnşaat, we continue to shape the business areas of our cities and offer sustainable business solutions.

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